13 November 2014

joy in EVERY moment.

It's around 6:05am, my husbands alarm song goes off.  Since this the third time he's pressed the snooze button, he declares that he is sleeping in a bit this morning.

Glory be to God.

The kids are still sleeping (if you count the youngest one who's snoozing after he got brought into our bed 20mins ago "still sleeping").  And the morning air in our house is cool and I'm not ready to leave my covers quite yet.

Then I hear it ... < r u s t l e,  r u s t l e,  m o a n,  y a w n,  s i g h,  r u s t l e,  r u s t l e, pat-pat-pat-pat (tiny footsteps hitting the hardwood)>

Noooooo ... sleep, I must sleep.

Up comes our oldest one into the bed, ready for morning cuddles.

Oh, this isn't too bad, we will all just lay here for another hour an....

< P O K E  in the cheek >

< C R A W L  over the head >

< C R A S H  onto my pillow >

I love cuddling (thought with no sarcasm, of course).

It really was in that moment, of total self expectation and selfish desire, that I wanted to just burrow in and ignore the chaos around me.  Take my want for relaxing on the "sleep in morning" seriously.  Shut out any inclination to start the day and sleep.

But it was also, in that split second, did I realize that I could choose to just embrace the fact that I needed to get up and OUT of bed with these boys.  Leaving Matt to get only a few more winks of shut-eye, we went downstairs.

I was not only able to have coffee ready for Matt when he woke up but breakfast too!  I definitely didn't have any intentions of serving my husband this morning, but God took the opportunity of me choosing JOY to then receive JOY as I was able to help Matt out that little bit.

My idea of JOY can be so skewed.  I thought having those extra minutes of sleep would have been joy in all it's glory.  Yet, with just a shift in perspective, I got to experience a real JOY.  Not one that I fabricated, but one that I was surprised with.  How I love a good surprise!

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for JOY and be glad all of our days.   Psalm 90:14

pic pix: a sight that always brings me joy, Dec.2013, Kananaskis Upper Lake, AB

07 November 2014

happy weekend.

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips. ~ Unknown

pic pix: my sister (A-boo to the boys) helped with the boys' halloween costumes last week. we are so blessed to have her around to have fun with! 31.Oct.2014, at home

friday introductions.

There's this hashtag on Instagram #fridayintroductions where people share their answer from the question these two gals (1 & 2) put out there for you to answer.  I feel like it's a cool way to get to know people through this connective vice we call the internet and I wanted to join in ... but over here on the blog!  I may or may not answer their specific questions that they ask on any given Friday.  But will introduce myself in some way, certain weeks.

What would make the process all the more fun (and more relational!) is if you would ALSO answer the question - either in the comments or in a post of your own.  I look forward to hearing and learning about you all more too!

As it's early in the morning and those lovely ladies have not yet put their weekly question out there, I have decided to create my own:

What is something you collected or are still collecting?

As a young girl, I have collected books of many varieties.  When I was the 8 year old Sarah, I bought Janette Oke books and Archie comics.  As a 12-15 year old Sarah, I collected Nancy Drew (original or early editions only) mysteries.  In my 20s, travel books, music books, and resource books.  And my current collection(s) consist of Kinfolk magazines, recipe books, and children's books(!).

As I was thrifting the other day, I came across this old mystery - much like an old Nancy Drew.  For a $1.50 I could not leave it behind.  It stirred up huge nostalgia as I sat and read half of it during the boys' naps yesterday afternoon.  There's just something about an old book ...


And total side note, since when has it been warm enough in Calgary, Canada to be able to sit outside, barefoot, coat-less, snow-less, looking at green grass in November?!  I think never.

pic pix: my afternoon delight yesterday on the porch, 06.Nov.2014, at home

05 November 2014

happy 1st birthday.

I can barely believe it ... my Hunter-bear is one!  Parts of me feel like it was way longer ago, and other parts feel like he should only be 2 months old right now.  This year has been the most life-changing of years for myself and how awesome is it, that I get to sit at the end of it and marvel at this darling boy and the wonderful life he has shared with us.

Hunter Elias, there is no one like you.  Like a family friend mentioned today, you are a little man with giant spirit!  Everything you do, you make that much more epic.  You are an adventurer, a natural leader, a little munchkin, and the source of so much joy and laughter in our family.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank our heavenly Father for sharing you with us.  You are such a sweet sweet boy, and I love it that I am your mama.  And I love you so very much, my little bear man.  xo

pic pix: hunty's first go at cake and him loving his new present(s), at home on the counter and in the living room, 05.Nov.2014

04 November 2014

frame of mind.

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."  Abraham Lincoln

Perspective is a huge element of literally, every aspect in our lives.  How we view something determines how we feel or associate with it.  How we interpret something carries weight until we are corrected/change our course of thought.  It's crazy to me that we can convince ourselves of things JUST because of our perspective on things.

It was only yesterday that I was having a busy day and was thinking, "Why do I do this to myself?  I thought I was getting better at this...".  I was on my way to a ladies lunch while my mom watched the boys for a couple of hours.  All I could think about was the hassle it all was that I 1. had to find a babysitter 2. had to leave the boys 3. was going to a lunch and not taking time for myself 4. yadda yadda yadda...

Clearly, I wanted to go (as I made all efforts to), but it wasn't until I got there that I enabled myself to experience the benefit.  It was more than just a ladies lunch, it was a time to connect and glean from other women.  A short hour and a half that did me wonders for being not only a wife, mama, friend - but me, Sarah.

The benefit didn't hit me until one lady started sharing.  She was the reason we were all together as she and her husband are visiting Calgary this week.  We were all asked to bring a couple questions about ANYthing we wanted to know.  This "benefit" of getting together wasn't clicking with me until she said something along the lines of,

"Enjoy every moment, every breath..."

I've heard that for so long, and was reciting it before I even knew it's meaning, I'm sure.  But something about that moment, when she shared that about her children, in the midst of the group I was sitting in, seemed to hit home for me.

Why else do we do life?

Life is about experiencing, engaging, receiving, giving, living, loving ... lunches like those, long laborious breakfasts with my boys(!), walks in the park, drives to do errands ... ALL of these things serve greater purpose when I realize the bigger picture and arrest those small moments as pure joy.

Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever [and whenever] I have.  Philippians 4:11

I challenge you to change your perspective today.  Take that which is difficult and look at the bigger picture.  Realize the cause for each and every moment and enjoy it.  For THIS - today, right now - is the life we get to live.

pic pix: some of our 2014 pumpkin collection, Oct.2014, at home

02 November 2014


Judah West: I am convinced you are going to be one great worker, at whatever you do!  It's always on your mind to "work" and get stuff done just like papa ... it makes my heart happy that you love to be outside and productive.  To already see qualities of a man inside you makes me swell inside with pride.
Hunter Elias: This week you turn 1!  You exude cuteness on every level and are definitely the source of a lot of our laughter these days.  And my goodness, to see such a little person walking seems like a miracle in itself.  You make me proud, son, everything about you.

29 October 2014

tender moments.

Much like this post, I can see that nearing birthdays is going to be a time of nostalgia for me.  These boys are the quintessence of my role as mama and I mean, with cuteness like that face, how can I think they are anything but perfect?!

This little darling has found a way to take over our hearts.  His smile is seriously the most infectious thing.  And the contagious laughter he can spout out can convince you to give in to nearly anything.  The fun he already knows how to have makes me so proud of how smart he is(!).  He takes on what's in front of him with such confidence and I can see, he'll always be a go-getter.  A good hunter.

Hunter Elias, there isn't a day that I don't give God the praise for you being in our lives.  You fit perfectly into the you that you were created to be.  I'm so blessed to be called your mama.  I love you so and am looking forward to this time of celebrating you and your precious life. 

pic pix: at the park, last week, Calgary, AB


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